What is the difference between coconut coals and Quick light coal?

How frustrating it might get when your hookah coals won't last for more than 15 minutes throughout a hookah session. It is such a pain to keep lighting those quick light hookah coals especially when you just lit them. Why should you have to keep adding coals to your session every few minutes when the whole point of smoking a hookah is to relax? Behold the solution! High quality charcoal of coconut tends to last about 4X longer than your average quick light hookah charcoal due to the way they are processed. When coconut coals are manufactured, they are processed from organic natural resources and made into a past before hardening. During the process in which the paste is still soft matter, the charcoals are compressed to create more volume density. This compression method is the main reason why coconut hookah coals will burn for a longer period of time and will also be ashless throughout your session. Burn time for the best coconut charcoal is roughly 1.5 hours which is a drastic comparison to quick light coals.

The biggest advantage of natural coal, in our opinion, is how much healthier it is compared to quick lights. The natural coconut charcoal does not contain any of the toxic chemicals found in your regular quick light charcoal.

– They are odorless and environmentally friendly.

– They provide and sustain more heat.

Coal coconut tastes much better than quick light coals. Expect a smoother and cleaner smoke when using coconut coals.

Hookah charcoal plays a massive role in the quality of a hookah session. With so many types of hookah charcoal on the market, which brand and type should you choose? Generally, most hookah smokers will decide to go with the quick light coals due to their convenience. However, is it important to note that the hookah coals you choose to light up can affect many aspects of your smoking experience? Your session's longevity, taste, and cloud output can all rely on what your hookah charcoal is made of.


That is why it is important to note the differences between natural coconut charcoal and quick light charcoal, as both charcoals have their pros and cons.

Coconut coal price today is less than any other charcoal.

In 2022, Tovvaco Charcoal formally entered the American market and the Jordanian market. Among the latest achievements of the company is the production of the largest coconut charcoal in the world. Every batch of charcoal undergoes extremely strict quality-control tests, and those that fail to meet the rigorous standards are discarded.