Hookah with coconut Coal - The Right Way to Smoke Hookah

In the last few years, the hookah industry has drastically changed the way we smoke shisha today.  As you may already know, hookah coal plays a major role in the quality of your shisha sessions. The coal you use for your hookah can affect the longevity and duration of a smoke session and can also impact the smoke quality produced when heating your hookah bowl. The type of hookah coals you use can also affect the health of yourself and others around you during a session as well. It's important to understand the factors of using the right coal so let’s dive into the many reasons why using coconut hookah coals is the right way to smoke a hookah.

Using the best coconut coals also benefits your health. If you're new to the hookah game and are still using quick light hookah coals, then stop using them immediately! Why the bold statement you ask? Simply because it's not a safe product to use. Smoking in the first place isn't healthy, so why would you furthermore add an additional risk factor when you are trying to enjoy this hobby? If you've noticed how simple it is to light up quick-light hookah coal, then you should also understand and ask yourself why it’s so efficient. Quick-light coals are produced with many additives and unsafe materials in order to light up so quickly. If you have ever tried to start up a fire using gasoline you’re nearly imitating the same concept by lighting quick light hookah coal. Quick-lights contain benzene which is very harmful to your health and also to those who may be around you when you are firing. Benzene is very flammable which in this case explains the reasons why quick light hookah coals are easily inflamed. Benzene also releases harmful fumes and carbon monoxide.